When Daydreams Become Reality

As a musician or a musicophile, ever dreamed there would be an online song search engine based on a tune you’d hum in your computer’s microphone?

Friends and I have joked about this for years.

‘Tis no longer a joke.







A functional online song search engine, based on you humming a song for over 10 seconds (with or without words).







How does it work?

You take your microphone. You hum a tune. You click “search”. The search engine looks through many different recordings and comes up with possible matches.

What’s in the database?

Individuals record themselves singing in their computer’s microphone songs they like, and submit them to the database. The more people record, the more songs there are to be searched and found. And also, the more versions of a song, the better, so as to accommodate all possible variations.

Is it legal?

I have absolutely no idea. I wonder what’s the deal with the copyrights in this case.

But it’s pretty neat to see one’s old musings come to life.




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