First Steps into Film Music

I am now studying film scoring composition at Université de Montréal. And within the last 6 days, we had three short clips for which to write music, each having about 24h to 48h to do it.

The work is amazing. It’s intense. Your work has to be short, to the point, and it can’t interfere with either the dialogue or the image – it must “all merge together”. A good film score isn’t one you notice and where it pulls you away from the entity of the story. So: no big musical theme or hook (unless the director speifically asks for one – think “The Fellowship of The Ring”, where the nine characters walk veeeeeery slowly over a small hill, and the main theme blaring as they do so. Which was appropriate for that moment, I take it …)


The most wonderful thing about this program is it’s just so hands-on. You learn while doing it. No questions asked. You screw up? You just lost your chance at getting picked to score the next video. Simple as that.

My third one was picked. Yay!

We now get a break this weekend. Ahhhhhh. :)

EDIT: I’m keeping all of my newsreel links for this said class on the “Randomly Related Videos” page. You can check them all out there now.

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