A wonderful event happened this weekend, called Montréal SHIFT!

Over 150 youth (18-30 years old, and some physically older) got together in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montréal for a skills share conference and workshops. The entire event was organised and executed by a team of youth from different backgrounds and organisations, bringing a wide variety of outlooks and activities to the whole.

I was supposed to volunteer as a translator all weekend, so did my best to keep it free just for that. Turns out everyone was bilingual.

So I got to fully participate in Saturday’s workshops.


What a breath of fresh air, to be surrounded by other artists and activists of all sorts, dedicated to the environment, equity, and community-building. I was floored.

My list of workshops was the following:

8am: Yoga (ahhhhh …)

9am-11am: Haïku and images (I’d never written poems in my life) (well, ok, once in French class in grade 11)

L’appel des saisons

Souffle d’une danse ambrée

Un dernier salut

12pm: fabulous lunch (there are amazing cooks in that group!)

Shift photos by Shahab and Lorraine

Shift photos by Shahab and Lorraine

1pm: Semi-professional video production & how to conduct an interview (also made handy contacts there): CUTV

Shift photos by Shahab and Lorraine

3:30pm: Ask a naturopathic doctor (reading between the labeling lines of food packages)

5pm: Vanity detox (get toxic junk out of your pharmacy cupboard) – check out – awesome to see full ingredient lists of your products (I was shocked to learn Melaleuca ltd do animal testing!).

6:30pm: From hunting to hired: a different approach to job-searching (aka don’t even look at want ads … do networking!)

7:30pm: Outdoors art show, supper, DJ on the balcony, and other cool shtuff.

Shift photos by Shahab and Lorraine

Shift photos by Shahab and Lorraine

… And that was only Saturday.


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