Bamboo Power!

What’s the one thing that can kick-start me back into my comic projects?

A Bamboo!

A … well, a Wacom tablet.

I don’t know how they thought of that name, or where they see a resemblance …


Its coolness comes from the fact that with it, you can essentially manipulate that little white fake pencil like a real pencil in your graphic programs. It’s pressure sensitive, so, depending on the sophistication of your program, you can do some pretty wicked stuff (or some pretty standard stuff, which is my level … ).  (I know some of you out there know this and own one yourselves – this is for the benifit of others!)

Why is it useful for me? … because that way, Hiding Atlantis became much much much more feasable …!

The story line’s done, volume 1 of 5 is scripted, volume 2’s getting there … character development is becoming more and more satisfactory … this just might work! The plan? To start putting it up during the summer 2010. (Why 2010 and not 2009? Because I’ve got a Masters’ to finish, and I want to get better at manipulating the Bamboo Wacom, and rendering a decent comic page!)

So, until then, I’ll be, as usual, plopping a few sketches here once in a while.

(And … why would a musician want to do an online graphic novel, you ask? … because it’s fun!) (And because I’ve been trailing this story for 10 years in my mind, and it needs to come out one way or the other!!)

2 thoughts on “Bamboo Power!

  1. Hey there!

    Omg how are you!, Its been so long.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my demo reel :)
    Yeah its a 3 year program, cant wait to go to 3rd year its gonna be awesome!

    If I need a score writer I shall be coming to you my dear :)

    Hope your well!

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