Time Off

Instead of chatting over tea, Sarah and I chatted over wire-tree-making.

On a side-note, I ordered a Chinese flute, a “dizi”, and I just got it in the mail today!


Now I need to learn how to glue the paper reed on … (“assembly required”!)


3 thoughts on “Time Off

  1. You don’t “glue” it on! I’ve seen people using their saliva and spread it around the membrane hole on the flute. As long as you make a good seal, it should be fine.

  2. I glued it on with the little bai-chi herbal glue that came with it.
    Don’t worry, I don’t usually randomly glue things to my instruments.
    Well – I did glue gold nuggets on the scroll of my fiddle years ago, but that was harmless.
    It sounds nice and strident, by the way. Sometimes. I still need to adjust the rice paper a bit. I can see why some people only use saliva, it’s easier to move around.


    You’ll have to teach me tunes if you know some!

  3. I’ve also seen the saliva method used while in Yunnan Province. You should consider trying out a bawu. Amazing sound. When I first moved to MTL, I combed Chinatown looking for an old bawu master, but mostly found herbalists.

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