Girl dreams of sunset

Sometimes, I wish I was riiiiight there.

On another note, I just learned how to draw a background! Yay! Less detail on character, more detail on environment!

Maybe a little too much pointillism on the tiny waves towards the horizon, doesn’t quite fit with the rest.

5 thoughts on “Girl dreams of sunset

    • If I’ve learned something with the people I’ve lived recently, it’s that cooking is DEFINITELY an art. Art isn’t limited to the “five main arts” (music, dance, theater, literature, visual arts) like society would like us to believe – we’re much more artists than we know!

  1. I wanted to use Girl Dreams of Sunset on a book cover. I would like to know if I can use it. It is a wonderful picture and I get lost in it. I am a seventy plus grandmother who is attempting to write a book of poetry on “Life”

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