Hourly comics

So today, my roommate and I decided we were going to challenge ourselves doing a Hourly Comics project. The challenge consists of drawing one comic strip an hour for the entire day, totalling 12 to 14 strips.

This is if you can actually draw that fast. We discovered we don’t. We drew for 7 hours – Magali managed 6 strips (which you can find here), I managed 5, before we had to call it quits. In all though, not a bad attempt. We may have to do this more often, I still have topics galore to attack with the simple 4-panel strip format. I find my style is extremely stiff, so doing it more often will undoubtedly allow me to loosen up. I think it also has to do with having to draw smaller than to what I’m accustomed to make it fit all in those small-ish panels.

Speaking of loosening up, I’ve been practicing doing 10 to 15-minute sketches with a brush pen from Yoga magazine pictures. Not too shabby.

And last but not least, I’ve been trying to finally define a style for my long-term story. We’re moving away from Manga-style (not that there’s something wrong with that style, but I want to explore other venues!)

That’s enough drawings for now!

Whew! It had been so long since I’ve continuously drawn like this – I hope I’ll be able to sketch 10 to 15 minutes a day at least to get some speed and flexibility so I can finally start telling my story one day, instead of always referring to it!!

Until then, thanks for reading and checking out my random ramblings!


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