TED Talks and Digital Development Communications

So I’ve been hired by contract in November by a video company called Digital Development Communications International, thanks to Luis Dechtiar, editor of the short film The Only Child  (2011), who works with this company.

I thought this was going to be a one-contract gig, and I was excited about it: DDC produces and features short videos concerning international social development,  health care, local businesses, and they needed me to create music appropriate to the culture of the subject.

I’ve been writing for them ever since. It’s fantastic for me, because of the experience, and how fast I had to write those cues despite my limted time (for those of you who don’t know me well enough, know that most of my hours are scheduled somehow with practices, rehearsals, “writing time”, and my part-time job … I’m kinda hard to catch sometimes …).

Most of these videos are commissioned by private clients and companies, so I never get to show them online. However, this week, Colby Gottert, the director, got to to a presentation in a series for TED talks. Though the talk isn’t up yet, he did create a series of his best images that he shot on-site suring the past five years, and man, are they gorgeous. We also used three of my cues and beefed them up as a score – so you can hear what type of music I do for them!

The video can be seen on the DDC’s home page, or right here – enjoy!


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