SOCAN and Butterflies

Oh hey, look at that, it’s been over a year since I posted something! Lucky for my I actually have something to say …!

News #1: I somehow managed to win first place with the SOCAN Young Composers’ Award in the Godfrey Ridout vocal category with my Norwegian piece Øst for vinden (tying with Anna Pidgorna). It’s quite humbling to learn my work has actually been recorgnised by my peers, and frankly, quite encouraging! You can read more about it here (and read more abou the winner of the grand prize, Marielle Groven, a former classmate of mine and another fantastic addition to the composer community):

News #2: The lovely talented Sarah Albu has commissioned me to write two short pieces for solo voice, for her project “Trick Pony”, an amazing one-woman powerhouse contemporary solo voice show. You can hear some excerpts here: I dared to write about a butterfly and a moth. Just because.

News #3: I put up some excerpts of my more melodic work I’ve done with Digital Development Communications. Also just because.

And, I know this was ages ago, but the director finally got his Tedx talk online, so – this is the head of the team with whom I have the joy to work, and what he has to say:

Hope y’all had a great 2013 – now onwards to 2014!

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