Older Stuff

“And then there were twelve” (2000)

I originally had twelve “guardians” with twelve “spirits”. These characters could also transform. Now, I have six guardians instead, with their six apprentices – doesn’t reduce the character numbers, but it allows me to have main characters and secondary characters.

And no, they didn’t always look small and cuddly. Just for this drawing.

“Light meets Shadow” (2001)

Logan’s an interesting character. He’s also the only character where I didn’t chop anything from him – first name, last same, origin, temperament, magical element – he’s been the same from the start. And his fate has also been the same from the start (dun-dun-DUUUUUUN!). Don’t let this drawing mislead you. He’s a happy funny character. But plot-wise, something happens. No, I’m not telling you. (I’m so mean.)

“Magic Atlantean faery people with blue hair” (2001)

Oh yeah. That ship has long sailed. But I like her outfit. Sort of a weird Greek-mythology/Mage thing going on. Anyway. This character now has a small role, and as a secretary that always dyes her hair different colours. Just for the heck of it. Think cute fun-loving punk girl.

But I’ll see if I can’t use the outfit somewhere.

(EDIT, Oct. 2008: Played with her character a little more, and now she’s become one of the mains, replacing one that I had named “Leyla”. See her page here. No, she doesn’t look the same. Even her personality has shifted. But in my head, it’s still Malaïka. So there.)

“Mechanics genius abounds” (2001)

Unfortunately this female Japanese character didn’t make the final cut. In the end, she just didn’t have a developed personality. The guy in the back though made it (barely). I’m working on a new personality for him though. He needs it. He was Japanese, and previously named “Akira” – he’s now from Taiwan and is called “Yuan”.

“Making my notebook prettier” (2000)

I would sometimes decorate my school stuff with my characters. This one was particularly fun. Angèle (now Angela, as her nationality switched from French to Irish) (Hey, I needed an excuse for Celtic stuff) and Chimwemwe (another character who’s personality has gone all over the map before settling on what he is now – right now, is one of my favourite characters).

“Faces and Thoughts” (2001)

And this is the most recent collection of characters and their thoughts (in French, and handwritten – good luck on deciphering them). This was pretty much the last big development that was done in the story and character development blitz I had from 1998 to 2001.

… I have mounds of older stuff -but it’s hiding at my parents’ house. With other personal stuff that will never see light on the ‘Net. So that’s it for now.

I guess what is worth mentioning is that my style has changed over the years. It still has a heavy manga (Japanese graphic novel) influence, though I’ve steered away from the large googly eyes and the pointy noses. If I ever get this started, I’m sure to work out a specific style.

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