Genre: Fantasy, science-fiction, drama, comedy, adventure … and a bit of a road story as well.

Setting: Atlantis, with a few hops around the world (generally areas that I’ve already personally visited); set in the present

The world of Atlantis:

  • A small island in the Caribbean Sea with a powerful city (or it used to be, anyway)
  • Is an area where elemental magic is at its strongest
  • There USED to be a thriving civilization, which has been annihilated around 9500 BC
  • Annihilation was caused by lack of moderation with their “magical” strength and power.

Main idea for the story: A bunch of people rediscover Atlantis, and all become involved with either wanting to destroy the potential power it still holds forever, or exploit it again like it had been 11 500 years ago and risk destroying today’s civilization.

Sounds a little drastic and epic. I know. But it gets more interesting and light-hearted, mainly because the story is character-driven, and I’m trying my best not to have it become a heavy epic drama.

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